Thursday, 27 June 2019 / Published in Globe Glass

Often overlooked and underappreciated, glass is a defining substance of our modern world. When most people think of glass today, they picture a transparent material that simply lets light into a space. Although this technically isn’t wrong, glass also has so much more to offer than its basic functionality. Some early uses of glass date back to the third millennium B.C., where artisans in Mesopotamia discovered how to glaze jewellery and small objects with coloured glass. Once in Egypt, the glass industry multiplied, partly due to the excess of raw materials that were readily available to make glass. With such a rich and diverse history surrounding this versatile substance, we want to give the use of glass the credit it truly deserves. Inspire your creativity and read on for our top 3 examples of architectural design that make good use of glass.

Thursday, 27 June 2019 / Published in Globe Glass, uPVC

uPVC windows and doors are gradually becoming the most preferable building material for both commercial and industrial use across the globe. Along with their infrastructural elegance and their ability to reduce overall costs of construction, uPVC windows and doors also offer a wide variety of benefits. Weather resistant, environmentally and Eco-friendly and recyclable, uPVC windows require very little maintenance and they longer last than wooden windows.

Windows play a vital role in any construction space. Along with being crucial for light and ventilation, they also add to the improve your home style. This is exactly the reason why choosing uPVC windows for your kitchen must be done wisely.