State of the art machinery is in used by us to ensure superior quality. We are equipped with Computerized Numerically Controlled machines for straight and shape glasses for edging,beveling & all kinds of edge profiles,which allow us high quality finishing of glasses with small & big sizes in various thickness .Intricate design are transformed from computer into exquisite art forms by skilled craft works.Process and experience is effectively used in expressing the designers approach.

Edging Machine

This machine is designed for carefully polishing the edges of glass and mirror-based products. It is precision-built to avoid chipping of glass and carefully polish edges of varying thickness. It has a powerful robust grinding and edging process to provide a fully flat glass and arris finish to any glass solutions. The robust spindle design eliminates vibration during the grinding process. The automatic squaring device sticks to the square nature as well as the parallelism of glass pieces.

Beveling Machine

Beveling has always been considered as the most difficult type of processing. Beveling machines have to be extremely precise to produce the quality of the bevel, the accuracy of the processing and the dimensional tolerances on the angles

Plotter Machine for Sticker Cutting

Cutting plotters use knives to cut into a piece of material (such as paper, mylar or vinyl) that is lying on the flat surface area of the plotter. It is achieved because the cutting plotter is connected to a computer, which is equipped with specialized cutting design or drawing computer software programs.

Tempering Machine

This machine is equipped with the latest heating technology that can output 150 square meters of tempered glass per hour. A heating environment of 660 Celsius degrees is utilized by this machine to compress the glass surface and core, followed by a rapidly cooling effect, resulting in a high tensioned glass solution that may have less harm when it is accidentally shattered, leaving with smaller fragments and granular..